Thursday, January 14, 2010

What can we do?


They do not need people hopping planes so that there are more bodies to feed and care for. They need money. Prices have already skyrocketed on basic supplies. Licia has over 70 children in her rescue center that need to be fed daily. Lori, I'm sure, is flying through medical supplies that will soon become scarce. If you want to give to Licia and Lori follow the link to the right. If you want to give to World Wide Village and the Livesay's follow the link to the right. Both are listed under 'if you have money to give do it here". I would trust both of these organizations with my last dime. They are doing good work with little overhead and truly helping the hurting RIGHT NOW! If you don't trust giving to them text 'haiti' to 90999 and it will be a $10 donation on your cell phone bill to Red Cross. Anything, seriouslyANYTHING, you are willing to give will help. PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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