Monday, May 31, 2010

Small Steps, Big Happy

I've always said that one of the things I have grown to love about fostering special needs kids is the joy in the simple things. When your son with a cleft palate learns to pronounce "goal" or to drink from a straw you celebrate because you know he worked so very hard to get there. When your daughter with CP/microcephaly picks up a pizza crust and takes her first bite you cheer because she tried a million times before she got it. Special needs mean special victories, and they cause you to appreciate the mundane and see it as beautiful. I am learning to do this for my RADlet. I am (finally) convinced that his behaviour is caused by brain damage. We may never know how or why or from what, but nonetheless it happened. He CANNOT process things like other kids. So, when I get a not-fake smile from him I melt. When he not-fake offers to help or a hug I thank God that he is healing. When I see glimpses of the real true boy under all the pain and anger I am reminded how very much I love him and I'm thankful I fought for him. And I will continue to fight.