Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti Precious Haiti

Oh Haiti, how I love and admire you. To those who I will not name (but some have the initials P.R.) who would dare insinuate that Haiti brought this on themselves, that somehow this is God's wrath poured out, to you I say, "God have mercy on YOU! and let he without sin cast the first stone!"

The precious woman that was pulled from the Carribean Market last night who had been trapped for 30 hours said she never stopped praying and thanks God.

When the family of the 2 year old boy pulled from the rubble this morning was asked how in the world he survived 3 days buried alone, they replied, "That's God! That is only God!"

On CNN a young man wanted to let his family in Orlando know that he was alive. He said, "I thank God for life. It is all I have, but I thank God."

Haiti, you who have suffered so much and endured so much I know you will survive. I know you will continue to pray and have faith as these your countrymen have done. I love you all. I am honored to watch you suffer with such love and dignity. I am honored to hold one of your precious treasures in my arms today. My sweet Daniel. I thank you for him. I thank you that he has your love and courage and honor coursing through his veins. I will do my best to raise him to honor you all. Precious Haiti, you have my prayers, you have my love, you have my respect. God be with you in the horrific days that are yet to come. God help you. God comfort you. God sustain you.

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