Monday, October 29, 2007

Catching Up

Where to begin...
FIRST and MOST important - Berny is WALKING!!!!!! And not just barely toddling between us, he is actually walking everywhere and it is his preferred mode of transportation now! All glory has to go to God for this. His doctors and therapists are all just stunned and saying things like 'someone should do a case study on him' and 'I've never seen someone recover this fast' etc etc. We all just nod and grin and say that he has many people praying for him and God has had His hand on this boys life since the day he was born.

Another praise is that we met with a therapist concerning G last week and have a real hopefulness for him. If you have a mood swing/easily frustrated/highly irritable child I recommend "The Explosive Child" by Greene. It is truly helping us see his behaviour for what it is - a discrepancy in his brain wiring, and NOT an attitude problem. He is doing great and his teacher is a wonderful person who is so totally on board with helping him! What a praise. Thank you Lord! I really struggled with putting him in school, but now I can see that the structure of it is so good for him, and is something I could not provide - I'm a seat of your pants kind of girl! Plus, it was this huge, scary unknown for him and now he is doing it. What a confidence builder(:

The girls continue to do well. They love school and their friends. I told them the other day that they were young but they were already serving God. They are so mature and able to handle things that it gives me the time and energy to take care of the boys. Not every child could handle living in this house with such compassion and grace, but they do it beautifully. God has big plans for these girls! But for now, they are enabling me to fulfill the call on my life to be Mom to many. They truly are precious treasures to me!

And here are a few pics from our weekend in New York with Jay's sister. We came up and surprised her for her birthday and did the one night cruise out of Manhattan. It was a fun trip.

She was VERY surprised and broke into the ugly cry!
Ahh.... the beautiful Jersey Shore.
Heading under the Verrazano Narrows, and out to sea.
This is Jay's dramatic reenactment of the Exxon Valdeze accident.

Lindsay, these are for you(:
WOW, how stinkin' cute is my husband?!?!?!?

OK, back to nose and butt wiping....(: More later.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Pray for Cabaret

The Haitian town of Cabaret was flooded and people who had next to nothing lost even that. You can go to Licia's blog here and read about it or Lori's blog here I have no words.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Manic Monday

Jay and I just returned from a weekend away and this was perfect for my return. Found it in my in box. Thank you Lord. I love your sense of humor(:

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Marriage Monday-Expectations

E-Mom is now hosting Marriage Mondays - which will fall the first Monday of the month. I am new to this whole blog networking thing, but basically you can check it out at the Chrysalis blog (linked at the left) and read other women's wisdom. Kinda cool.

For my part I feel led to talk about the expectations that we come into marriage with. My sister is newly engaged and will be wed in June of next year. As I watch her with her fiance I am reminded of how sweet those first years are together. You are so blissfully in love and completely gaga over this person that God has brought to you. For me, meeting Jay when I was barely 14 years old only added to the "sugar factor". But then I remember the first time he dispappointed me. I don't mean like he didn't get the door for me. I mean, like he really disappointed me in a huge way that broke my heart and left me licking my wounds. Who was this person? The Jay I married was nearly perfect. He was never going to hurt me. And yet, here I was, married to a man that had..... dare I say it.....FLAWS! Oh the horror of that realization. Could it be that he was mere flesh and blood??? At this point many marriages begin to flounder. The finger pointing begins and it is a downward spiral. BUT, if you will set your pride aside for a moment and remember that you too are human, that Christ died on the cross for you "while you were yet a sinner" then perhaps your righteous indignation will not be able to survive long. You have the opportunity to forgive and show grace, which is also a way to become more like your saviour. And oh, the beauty that comes next. Think about it. How do you feel when you know you have disapointed the Lord? And when you go to Him and ask for forgiveness and you feel that peace wash over you what happens in your heart? Your love grows! If your marriage survives disappointment it only gets stronger! If your love can survive testing it becomes more powerful and more beautiful. You can look back at the trials and say,"hey, look what our love was able to overcome!" It is yet another example of how marriage is a perfect picture of Christ and His church. His love for us will never fail!


And above all things have fervent love for one another, for 'love will cover a multitude of sins'.
1 Peter 4:8