Friday, July 3, 2009

Suffering Outside the Bubble

I am currently watching people I love dearly suffer. And it's not just one family. There is suffering all around me. But we, apparently are in some sort of protective bubble. Our lives are going along just fine. I'm thankful, but baffled. And often wondering when the bubble will burst. Not that the burst would cause some sort of faith crisis, or that I don't think we could handle some tough times. It's just weird watching suffering from the outside, specifically the kind of suffering that cannot be alleviated. (Not by me anyway). This is big time, life-changing, gut wrenching, ugly, nasty stuff. And apparently God allowed it. I don't know why I am more shocked by the big ugly stuff that God allows versus the usual toe stubbing or rain on my picnic kind of stuff. It is really all shy of perfection, so what does the degree matter? God allowed Sweat Pea to be injured. God allowed the Holocaust. God allowed Daniel to cut his knee at the pool. And God is perfect and good and in control. This is the truth. And the truth will set you free. So, in the midst of pain and suffering I can rest, or watch others rest, in the knowledge that God has allowed this for a season, for reasons we may never know, but He is still good and perfect and in control. He is still on His throne. There really is freedom in that. Freedom to relinquish control. Freedom to acknowledge that I am not God, I did not cause it and I cannot fix it. Freedom to just let my Saviour work out His plan.

And on a side note I want to say that one of my good friends who is suffering right now begged me to not take on her burden. She wanted me to know that she was being sustained by the Lord and did not want her suffering to affect my faith. How beautiful is that? I often think of those who would deny God because of a tragedy that did not ever touch them. I do understand that symapthy, and that anger, but I think those who are suffering and are being held up, literally, by the Lord in the midst of their trials would be very upset if someone used their hurting as a reason to deny the one thing that is sustaining them.