Friday, January 15, 2010

Heartline Update - PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!

Dear Heather,
You are receiving this newsletter as a supporter of Heartline Ministries. The board held an emergency meeting today to determine what steps need to be taken due to the enourmous needs created by the earthquake. We have had so many requests for help we wanted to clarify what we need.

First of all, we need prayer for Haiti and for safety of our people in Haiti.

Second, we are in great need of finances. Currently we have raised approximately $90,000 of earthquake relief funds. We are estimating that we will need around $200,000 to rebuild our facilities and help our workers rebuild their homes. Already the flow of donations has slowed down. We recognize that it will take more people knowing our need than our small base of supporters. We are asking each of you to spread the news of our need by forwarding this email and the information at left to as many people as possible.

For those that don't know, 100% of all funds that come in to Heartline Ministries are spent in Haiti. All state side expenses for administration are provided and performed by various individuals free of charge. The earthquake donations will go 100% to recovery and rebuilding. You can locate our financial information, tax returns and tax exempt information at our Financials and Donations web page.

We already have people with incredible experience in Haiti at facilities that are damaged but still functional that can provide immediate assistance to the Haitian people. All we need is the financial resources to do it. We have several doctors and nurses that will be at our facilities on Sunday to start a clinic.

In addition to emailing everyone you know, we have the following ideas:

Contact your local church and school to ask for prayer and financial support specifically for Heartline Ministries.

Contact your local press and provide information about Heartline and our need. If you are an adoptive parent, the press has been very interested in getting information for stories of how the earthquake is affecting our families.

If you know of any grants, government funding or other organizations that can provide funds please contact them and Tom White, our treasurer at

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