Wednesday, August 12, 2009


My marriage is a gift. Even when other stuff in my life feels like it is falling apart or I just feel like I am falling apart my marriage is a constant that has yet to fail me. I'm not saying we are perfect and we have never disappointed each other. Over the years we have had bumps in the road just like any other couple. But somehow God has grown in us a powerful love that is indestructable. We are a team. The difficult things that pop up in life bring us closer instead of dividing us. We cling to each other instead of pushing away. And when the kids (i.e. Gabe) are driving us crazy we comfort one another with the fact that one day they will move out, and we will be alone again! We are best friends who would still rather be with each other than anyone else. We laugh, we talk, we get each other. I am still, after 15 years of marriage, blown away by the man God gave me.

I can't wait to see what the next 15 years holds...