Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Update from Heartline

January 13 6 AM Earthquake Update

Tom White,
John asked that I forward on the following email he sent to me this morning. Please be in paryer. Thank God all our people and children are safe. Please consider a donation as we do not have the resources to handle this need. You can donate by going to and clicking on the Earthquake donation button in the Earthquake update section.

John McHoul

Quick Update

All the children are fine.

They and the night workers and e Tlucek clan stayed at the home of the Buxmans last night. They stayed in the yard due to the mant aftershocks that we had.

The main damage that we sustained was to the walls around the houses. The wall on allfour sides of the boys' house has collasped. There is significant damage to the wall on two sides of the girls' house and at the women's cenetr and at my house.

We. of course, have no city power and no water due to broken pipes.

The inside of all the houses are littered with broken glass, and whatever was on the shelves noe is on the floor.

This morning at 1:30 I accompanied Troy Livesay to Bring two of our medical people and some medical supplies to a friends place who had set up a clinic in the street to help the many, many who were injured due to falling cement blocks and debris.

Along the route so much seened normal and then we would hit stretches of severe damage and of houses and businesses completely destroyed. We saw car on the side of road crused by falling debris. The three story police station which is about three miles from our house is completely destroyed.

People were told not to sleep inside so the strrets were packed with people sleeping and sitting. It at times was difficlt to get by them.

We have started cleanup by piling up the falling walls to make some kind of security wall around the houses. I have hired some of the local guys to help with this.

Our plan is to at least get then girls' house secure and have all the kids stay there. But the nannies at this point are saying that they will not sleep inside. It is possible that all will spend another night in the Buxmans' yard.

We will work on securing food drinking water for the children.

Heartline and its people have been blessed to have sustained relatively minor damage, especially compared to others who have suffered the loss of homes and others who ave been injured and other who have lost loved and others their lives.

I understand that Port au Prince and the surrounding areas have in many places been destroyed. The picture of the damaged national palace perhaps is indicative of the condition of the country

Our greatest need is for money to rebuild the walls to secure the homes and to make various repairs. I know that this seems so minor compared to he loss that others have suffered.

Your prayer are greatly needed.

I will update later today when I have a chance to use the internet of others that work with us. Our internet is done.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Heather:

My name is Allison Blakely. I am a producer with CNN. I noticed that you are in touch with the Livesay family and people in PaP. Like you mentioned, Anderson Cooper is on the ground there and we have more people coming. If there is any way we can help, please let me know and feel free to pass my contact info along to anyone.

-Allison Blakely
Producer, CNN Guest Booking