Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why Me?

Not the "oh woe is me" why me. The "holy cow I've got it good" why me. Why do I get this life. I think about this alot. Where I was born, who raised me, who I married, my kids, my house, my life - all really really over the top awesome. Don't get me wrong - we have issues. But when I step back and look at my life I just want to jump up and down giddy over the fact that God gave all of this to me. I have never gone a day without eating. I have a roof and an AWESOMELY comfy bed. Oh I love my bed. It could actually be a little sinful how I look forward to climbing in and sinking down into the squishy goodness...but I digress. My kids are all going to school, I can take them to the doctor whenever I want, I have a church family that I adore, and I'm pretty sure they love me right back(: I have all I could ever want and more. WHY? Well, the other day I remembered this time when I had ONE package of sidewalk chalk for the boys. I knew if I said it was for both of them that G would somehow manipulate D into surrendering it all to him and then he would hoard it. I'm not saying that to be mean - it's part of his illness. It is what it is. And for that reason I certainly couldn't say it was G's. So, I said it was for Daniel. Why? Because I knew he would gladly share it with his brother. And he did. Hmmmm.....

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sweet Moments

I have to admit I never thought I would have 5 kids. I thought foR a while we were done at 2, and then again at 3, and after 4 I thought we surely we're done. Only crazy people have more than that. But Jesus has a funny way of pointing you in the direction of crazy and saying, "alright now, move along". It could be walking on water, picking up and leaving the only home you've ever known, submitting yourself to jailings or tortures, or in our case, signing up to be foster parents. It was one of my "nevers" from back when I was dumb enough to have them. Just like I would "never" homeschool, and I would "never" cut all my hair off. Anway, I digress. I just have to share with you some sweet moments that could really only happen in a big family. Last Saturday I had put Baby Bean down for her nap, and quick ran to the bathroom cause that is the only time I get to go. I could hear her crying, which was odd cause she usually goes right to sleep, but I was a little busy. Then the crying stopped and I thought oh good she fell asleep. When I was done I went to check on her and from the hall I could hear Daniel, "I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like them sam I am ." and I peak in and see Daniel sitting beside her crib on an overturned toy bin reading to her. She was sitting up and completely enthralled. It was adorable. The other one is Bean's morning hugs. Every Saturday or Sunday morning Bean and I are the first ones up. She eats, and I drink coffee until the next person thumps down the stairs. She immediately runs to them and hugs them this long drawn out sweet hug as if to say man I missed you and I love you so much. When she is done she is done, but we all savor it while it lasts. She continues this little ritual until every person in the family has gotten their morning hug. Makes for a sweet start to your day I tell ya!