Tuesday, April 17, 2007


As I wake up this morning and remember the horror of yesterday, and that it in fact did happen and was not a dream that we could wake from, my mind went back to a post I read on the Livesay's blog a few days ago. It is so appropriate now and gives me comfort. I'm not sure if it will do so for anyone else, but go give it a read and see what you think.


And please join me in prayer for all the famlies of those affected in the Virginia Tech tragedy.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Big God, Small Me

As I sat in the hospital waiting for Skyline to come out of surgery I finished reading my latest book, Henry Blackaby's "Experiencing God". One of the larger points in it is how God uses our obedience so that He can recieve the glory and others can come to know Him. So, when God gives you an assignment and it is 'God-sized', everyone will know it is actually Him accomplishing it through you. You alone would be completely incapable of getting it done. You know it. Everyone knows it. God gets the glory. It's a beautiful system.

Then this morning I was reading from Jonah, and I just had to laugh out loud at how awesome our God is. You see Jonah had an assignment from God, but he chose to disobey. There he was hiding out on the ship and all the sailors wondering why the terrible storm had come. When Jonah reveals it is his fault and is thrown overboard the storm immediately stops and what happens then? The sailors WORSHIP GOD! Even in Jonah's disobedience God was glorified. I love that. How awesome is our God?

Friday, April 6, 2007

My Baby is TWO HANDS!

My first baby is TEN years old!! Goodness where does the time go? I just had to brag on her a little bit. She has been a joy and a light in our lives since the day she was born. She has always been gentle, sweet natured and exceptionally bright. We feel so honored to be her parents and we love her dearly. Her compassion for others and her love for the Lord are well beyond her years. She is often the voice of wisdom when her siblings are fighting. She can regularly be heard saying things like, "The Bible says to love each other guys!" and "Maybe God is trying to teach us something here." I just grin at what a blessing she is and will continue to be to the world. It can only be a better place because of her presence. I am awed and humbled that I got to be the one to give birth to her and watch her become all God has for her to be. Madiboo, I LOVE YOU!