Friday, January 15, 2010

Heartline Update

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January 15

8:26 AM

The American children, 12 total, of the three families (Buxmans, Tluceks, Livsays) working with us were able to fly out of Haiti last night on a military flight to New Jersey. They were escorted out by visitors who as well left on the same flight.

We at the women's center have turned on the generator to give water to the neighbors.

Viola, one of the cell phone companies here in Haiti, is now working.
The Heartline Group will be meeting at 9:00 AM to pray, praise, review and plan. Please pray with and for us.
We do not yet know if Beth, Byron, and Morgan are able to come in today.
We will start to generate clean drinking water, with a system from Hay's Pure Water for All Foundation, which was given to us by the gracious people at World Wide Village, to give to those that do not have clean drinking water.

Leaving for our meeting.
Please pray!


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