Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yesterday G refused to do his homework. I offered for TWO HOURS to help him, but no go. I reminded him we had church and I would be going to bed when we got home so I would be unavailable to help at that time. He said fine, he wasn't doing it. When Daddy got home he again was offered help and refused and again stated that he had decided that he wasn't doing it. I reminded him very clearly that whether it was done or not he did still have to go to school. He said he understood. All RAD moms are laughing at this point.

This morning he came down and went to the dining room table and started to work on it. I was nice. I let him and I brought him breakfast, but reminded him that we had to leave on time and so when (not if) it wasn't all done and we had to leave he should not pitch a fit.

He did.

Shocking I know. I should be so used to this by now. But sometimes his crazy is even crazier than I thought. As I ordered him out of the car and into school he was telling me how everything was all my fault and I never help him with anything and I am so mean yada yada yada. He got out crying and giving me the look of death. When I got home from morning appointments he was on the machine asking me to pick him up - I think. He was mumbling, probably so the adults around him couldn't hear that his excuse to call home was lame-ola. I sat down and typed an email to his teacher explaining that he had many chances to get his work done and whatever excuse he may have given her was a lie. What a fun email to write. Wonder what that teacher is thinking right now? I have to leave in 30 minutes to pick up the kids. I am praying for God to give me some beautiful pearl of wisdom on how to proceed with this kid. So. over. it.

I dread seeing the people at school. I have to remind myself that my child does not define me. I am a nice person. I am a good mom. It is not my job to prove this to others, just to be me and do the best I can. Thank the Lord for the other 4 - they prove we are atleast capable of raising reasonably normal children! I'm off...


Corey said...

Can you imagine the poor Moms who only have RAD kids? I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo thankful that I have some "normal" kids so that I can at LEAST say "I'm not crazy, SHE'S crazy, I'm not crazy, SHE'S crazy" and be relatively certain that I'm correct in that assessment. (Even if she's MAKING me crazier every day.)

Hang in there sister. You are not alone! xoxo

Story of our Life said...

I was one of those 'poor' moms who only had a RAD kid and I didn't know "what' was normal...mixed w/my family and friends...I began to think that I was this horrible nasty mother....

Then when Ab got bit enough/old enough for me to realize what normal was really like....well lets just say...WOW.

(((HUGS))) to both of you lovely mommas!