Friday, September 3, 2010

Low and Highs

Went to the PTA meeting last night and spoke with G's teacher. She said that G told her he didn't have time for homework because of church. I said I knew he would try that. Thankfully because she got my email she let him feel the consequences. Yesterday he was very eager to do his homework. She said, "well maybe that's all it took". I didn't have the heart to burst her bubble and just said, "I'll keep in close email contact with you." It's always fun to catch your child in a lie with his teacher right? Good times. I think I should scrapbook this moment. Do you think they have stickers for it?

On the flip side M and S tried out for the school talent show yesterday afternoon singing one of their original songs and playing guitar. The choir teacher came over to my car when I picked them up and gushed on and on about how talented they were. The girls were beaming. It was so cute. I think they have always heard how great they are from us, but you know, we have to say that cause we're family. But when adored choir director says it, it becomes a huge deal(: They are pretty special.

AND the baby had her appointment with the devopmental neurologist yesterday and she was the closest she's ever been to on target developmentally. She is 18 mos old and has some 15 mo. skills. She continues to wow the doctors. From blind and unresponsive to the absolute light of our lives. God has big plans for this girl, and lucky for us we get to watch it unfold!

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