Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Sometimes it is good to see our own sin. I needed to see mine. Recently God has taken me down a little "what if..." trail and I followed him (even though I don't believe in hypothetical situations cause it's like lying to your brain.).
Well, I sort of followed Him. A couple of times he had to grab my hand and walk me over a fallen tree or help me wade some rough waters, but basically I went along. But it was hard, and it was PRETEND! So then I sat down with myself and studied my sinfulness. Which parts were hard to accept about the trail and why? Where did I lack faith? What if I had to walk that trail for real?? I'm a sinful, broken and selfish person and I am so thankful for the cross today. I don't want my faith to be hypothetical. I want it to be real. I want it to be so poweful that it could carry down that trail. Please Lord. I believe, but help my unbelief.


Emily said...

Just out of curiosity...why the picture of Kenneth?

Heather said...

The "lying to your brain" comment is a quote from him(: I know. I'm retarded.