Saturday, August 4, 2007

Back To Life

Let me catch you up. Thursday night, July 26th I dropped Berny off with Vanessa and Friday we packed the van and headed to Williamsburg for vacation. My parents have a time share there and so we met spent the week with them, my sister, and her fiance. It was so wonderful, restful (in an exhausting sort of way) and fun. We saw colonial Williamsburg and the Jamestown colony. The kids enjoyed them more than I expected and Gespecially enjoyed talking to the guy making arrows and arrowheads. We spent two days at Busch Gardens and two days at Water Country. It was so fun. We rode roller coasters and water slides to our hearts content. It was one of those great memory making kind of vacations that we will all enjoy reminiscing about. The Saturday after we arrived we celebrated Jay's 35th birthday and D's 3rd. All in all it was a perfect week.

Then we got home. We arrived home to a washed out bridge due to a huge rain storm so the horses were stranded on one side of the pasture, a broken HVAC unit which meant our upstairs was around 100 degrees, and a possible flea infestation since the neighbor girl who was feeding the animals accidentally let the outside cat IN and she really enjoyed sleeping on squishy beds. Back to life, back to reality...
So, perhaps I will write more when I have recovered!

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