Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Safe in Daddy's Grip

God is such a faithful teacher. I know when I am trying to teach my kids something I tend to get very frustrated if I have to explain it more than two or three times. Or if it is a behavioural or obedience issue I get more than frustrated. I get just plain mad. "How many times do I have to tell you..." I am so glad God is more patient, more loving, and more tenacious than I. There are also times when I am teaching my kids that I decide it is time to put away the workbooks. We need to do some exploring and discovering. We need to have a question and answer session. I need to show them and just let them watch and see how it is done. This is, I believe, where God has me right now. I may not have a pile of work(book pages) to show for it, but I am learning. I am watching my saviour. I am letting Him talk. He is letting me ask questions. I haven't had the thrill of accomplishment or the anticipation of going on assignment, but I have had the joy of feeling His presence. I have felt His enduring love and forgiveness. For some things I have become content to know that I don't know. I am at peace to just know that HE knows. How is it that being in the Lord's presence has, simultaneously, the ability to humble and lift me up? in His presence I feel amazed that He has chosen to love me and I ask Him - OFTEN!- why He would seek and save such a mess. And then I feel the Fatherly reassurance of His love, and the glory of that moment is so overpowering and mighty that I think I could accomplish anything for Him, and would be forever willing to try. I have no idea what is on the horizon. I am not in the mood to guess. I am perfectly at peace following my Teacher/Father/Saviour and grinning in the knowledge that it will be GOOD as only He can make it!
Listen to Who You Are (Recollection Album Version) (1998 Digital Remaster) by Nichole Nordeman : http://free.napster.com/player/tracks/19479627


Corey said...


I just love this picture, and I keep coming back just to look at it more.

Love, Corey

Heather said...


I loved it too Corey. I found it on a google search - it is an Afghan man and his child. I LOVE the look on his face and how at peace the little kid is perched up there(: The link to the story is above. It is probably some sort of copyright issue to use it without giving that credit! The 3 people who read my blog will hopefully forgive my ignorance(: