Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Answer

A couple of random thoughts first:

1. A spiritual lesson learned through parenting. (Seriously, how does anyone learn anything about God without having kids????) It hurts my feelings when I think my kids only want the "stuff" I can give them and not just me. For example if I leave for a trip and the last thing out of one of their mouths is, "will you bring me something?" I mean, I know it is a normal kid thing, but won't it be enough to just have the awesomeness of me back in your life?? (hehehe)

2. And another. I, as a Mom, cannot really be around my kids, enjoying their company, soaking in their every special little quirk and gift without showering them with hugs and kisses and the occassional chocolate chip cookie. The wonder of them causes me to love them with wreckless abandon. God has that kind of wild and passionate love for us. He delights in blessing us and watching us enjoy His presents and His presence. Forgive the silly word play.

But really it all boils down to this: (For me anyway)

Would the gifts of God really feel at all special or good without Him to thank? When I really stop to think about it, the gifts He gives are amazing only because they are from Him, not simply because they are. My blog is named Many Many Blessings because that is how I feel most of the time. My husband, my children, my life, are all gifts that I do not take for granted, but they would hold less meaning if they were just some random occurrence in a universe set adrift. I'm imagining the UPS man arriving at my door right now. I see the brown truck through the glass in the door and enjoy the anticipation of what wonderful package it could be. I open the door and he hands over a small box. I sign and rush inside to open it. Inside are the most beautiful diamond earrings I have ever seen. There is no card. No return address. Do I like the earrings? Yes. Would they hold more meaning if I knew who sent them? Yes. Would they hold the most meaning if I knew they were from Jay, the love of my life? ABSOLUTELY! So, next time I go out with my girlfriends I wear them and Stacy says, "AHHH, those are beautiful!"

"Thanks, they came in the mail."

"Oh, that's nice. Kind of weird and random, but nice."


Stacy, "Ahhh, those are beautiful!"

"Thanks, Jay gave them to me. Isn't he the best husband ever?"

"Girl, you are so lucky! Man, he sure does spoil you! Could you get him to talk to my husband?"
And this leads me to my next thought. The whole point of it all is to point those around us back to God. His gifts should cause us to praise Him which leads to His glorification. THAT is what makes the gift enjoyable. We get to brag on our God. We get to tell people how wonderful He is and how much He loves us. If Jay gave me the earrings and said I should keep them in the box and never wear them it would take all the joy out of bragging about having the best husband in the world!

So, this whole blog is really about bragging on God. He has abundantly blessed me and I did nothing to deserve any of it. He chose to love me when I was still bound and determined to sin against Him. He is the most gracious, loving saviour. His love is limitless and His wisdom is absolute, so His plans for me are perfect. I love Him. I would never, ever want to be outside His presence even if I were surrounded by all His presents. Again, sorry - I am a dufus when it comes to wording(:

Listen to Martyr's Song by Todd Agnew :

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Lindsay said...

Heather... Some awesome thoughts drawn from every day examples. I hope that one day you'll write a devotional book. Keep on posting, gal.