Friday, January 23, 2009


My sweet baby girl is 10 years old as of 10:22 last night. She is amazing, funny, smart, beauitful, and melts me with her sweet blue eyes. Which is why I agreed, in a moment of weakness, to take 7 girls to laser tag and roller skating and then offered for them to come spend the night. I'm preparing for lots of squealing and giggling. I have ear plugs and Excedrin on hand. Pray for me people.


Emily said...

THAT'S AWESOME!! You are gonna have so much fun! Well, ok...THEY are gonna have so much fun! :) If you need ANYTHING please call us and we will be there! love ya!

Anonymous said...

I'm a terrible Grandma -- I forgot to call her! I thought of it several times throughout the day and still didn't do it! Sydney Linda, pleae forgive me. Love Grandma Audrey