Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Political post in response to those I may have offended by being happy today.

I just watched the inauguration with Madeline and Sydney. It was so fun to see all those people. The comraderie was evident. I DO think it is significant that a black man is now in the White House. I am frustrated with those who try to diminish the importance of this moment. I was happy today as I watched Obama sworn in. And I didn't vote for him. I vote pro-life. Always. I WAS an unplanned pregnancy and I am so glad my Mom chose life for me.


I do not believe that morality can be legislated. I will vote my conscience and always side with life, but for me that also means being pro-gun control. I do not fit the Republican mold. I do not think that because a pro choice president has been elected that our nation instantaneously has become less moral. We were just as immoral yesterday. Morality will only ever come from the only true good - God. My God is bigger than politics and my saviour Jesus is my only true hope. I will choose to be happy in this moment because I know God is in control. I will choose to be happy in this moment because it is historic and evidence of our great nations ability to govern itself peacefully. I will choose to be happy in this moment because my sons of the tannish/brownish persuasion will see a man of color leading our nation. So now, I will pray for him, that he will do so with humility and wisdom. I pray that he is brought to his knees before the almighty creator. I pray that in whatever way God sees fit to accomplish it, our nation will be humbled and turn our eyes to HIM.


Lindsay said...

Awesome post, Heather, that expresses my heart as well.

Anonymous said...

Me TOO! :)

Gotta watch Laura's blog. I bid farewell long ago.

She really isn't that nice of a person & I love everyone! Everyone. Too many fab. blogs out there.

Keep smiling & I agree with you! I didn't vote for him either, because of pro-life, but honestly, I love him other than that.

Heather said...

Thanks Anonymous! I never expect people to always agree, but I do expect them to always be nice. It was NICE of you to comment, and made me feel less like a freakazoid.


Anonymous said...


People who portray the image of being nicey-nice (not to mention, know-it-all's), until you say something that they don't agree with, really bug me. Not everyone agrees. We aren't suppose to. God made individuals, not duplicates. It's ok to have a difference of opinions! :)

Emily said...

Beautiful post, Heather! I think it's a little silly that someone would be offended by you being happy, but I guess people always seem to find something to be offended by :)

When it's all boiled down we either believe that God is in control or we don't. So, if we do believe that then we ought not live our lives in fear and worry.

Also, I would like to say that if truth (or opinions, which can many times be very far away from truth) are not spoken in love then they are like a clanging cymbol...no one wants to hear it.

So, thank you for your loving spirit!