Monday, June 18, 2007

My Baby Sister

I was eleven years old when Emily was born. She was so cute and so funny and so spoiled by everyone. When she was six I left for college. When she was nine I got married and moved away. I missed so much of her growing up years and I was not there for her the way I wish I had been. She is now 21 and we have developed this beautiful friendship that is such a gift from the Lord. She has become such a mature woman in her walk with Him and I am so proud to be her sissy. Now for the big news... she is ENGAGED! I am so happy for her I could bust. Not just because of the importance of the moment, but because God has sent her an amazing man. He is so kind and so in love with the Lord, and so in love with my sister! He treats her like the princess we all know she is! Aside from planning my own, I have never been this close to wedding planning before. It is so fun to watch Em's face light up and see the joy this gift from God has brought to her life. Thank you Lord for cool blessings!

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