Friday, June 8, 2007

Haiti here we come!

For months Jay and I have been saying we need to get away. We toyed with the idea of a cruise or some all inclusive type resort where we never had to lift a finger or plan a single moment. It sounded all well and good, but just felt so...I don't know, indulgent maybe. Plus, we couldn't get this picture ( out of our heads. So the plan just fell off into the distance as life's business took over. But then I started feeling the urge to go back to Haiti. Then the other day Jay called and said that on his way to work he heard a sermon and he knew we were supposed to go to Haiti together. I am so very excited to be heading back. We hope to get to meet D's birth family and especially want to see some of the country outside Port Au Prince. I am busily planning it all out in my head, but feel very strongly that God has a reason for us to go so I just am praying that we will be open to His leading during our time. Perhaps he can use us to encourage, comfort or lift up those we come in contact with. At the very least we will love on some kids at the orphanages and get some more experience in the country that we hope will one day be our home.


Brandi said...

Will you guys spend time with Peter and Peterson while you're there? I'm still praying for the Lord's leading on your heart with these two boys. When will you go?


Brandi said...

I'm sorry, I just realized that I commented without introducing myself. I've been checking your blog for a couple of weeks now, but apparently it's been stalking b/c I've never commented! Sorry! I'm Brandi and I can't figure out how I came across your blog=) We're adopting from Liberia and I blog-hop from one adopting family to another to read other's stories. It's nice to meet you!

Heather said...

Hi Brandi,
Thanks for checking in. It's a little odd to me to think that people actually read this stuff! Yes, we will be able to spend some time with the twins. I am, quite honestly, scared to death to see them. I feel like I will take one look at them and fall in love, but I have no feeling from God(or Jason) if that is actually his plan for them or for our family. It is scary to put your heart out there knowing it could be smushed into a million little pieces, but then I have to trust that if they are not meant to be ours that God will give me complete peace about that as well.

Troy & Tara Livesay said...

Do you guys have a date set for the trip down here? If you do let me know -- we want to make time for you to come here or us to come see you.

Leslie said...

Hi Heather,
You commented on my blog about the Vision Trips. I put a link on the side bar about them from a previous post so you can read up. If you already have plans to visit and are heading out in the direction of the Livesays we're only about an hour more north and would love to have you visit, even if it's just for a few hours. I'm sure you could drag those beach lovin' La Diguers out here ;) Let me know!

Michelle said...

Heather, I just found your blog.

Wow! I had not seen that picture! Haiti has become our choice of travel. It's amazing how much joy comes when I'm there. I pray you have a blessed time!!