Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Baby Steps..Get On The Bus

I have learned at this point to never say never. There was a time that I said I would never homeschool. If you go way back there was a time I said I would never have kids. Well, I am officially beginning the process on another never.

We are moving forward. We can't say that we know what will happen or how far this bus will take us, but we both have great peace about starting the journey. Last night we attended our first foster parenting meeting. We have committed to the training program which will be twice a week until April. As we drove home last night we felt good, peaceful and expectant. We both feel that lots of things had fallen into place for us to begin this journey at this moment, and we can see God's hand in it. YIKES! Pray for us(:


Emily said...

Wow! I had no idea that you even were considering foster care. That's awesome that you are following God's leading even when it seems like a scary thing to do. I'm excited to see what God does!

Corey said...

Good for you, sister. I'm proud of you for always listening.

Lindsay said...

Proud of you too, Heather and Jason.

Is the picture you included from the movie "What About Bob!"?