Monday, May 21, 2007


Well, one of the big decisions we made was that Madiboo and Sunshine would go to school next year. I have homeschooled them for the past four years so this is a huge decision for me. I know it is what God is saying to do right now, and I am trusting in that - even as I doubt, question and grieve over it. Sounds real trusting huh? I am sad that I will miss all those experiences with them during the day. I am sad that they will lose some of the innocence they still have. I am sad that they will lose that time with each other. On the other hand I am grateful that they have wonderful friends at the school who are Christians and will help them adjust. I am happy I will have the time to devote to helping G build his confidence. I am happy that my dear friend Stacy will be teaching D's preschool class. I am scared that the girls will have a bad experience, get teased, be behind etc etc. I am scared that I will lose some of the closeness we share now. Ultimately though, I am happy that God made this clear so that I can trust it and begin to move forward with a new plan. My image of my life as this "outside the box, homeschooling rebel" has caved to become one of those that bucks to the system! HAHA(: I guess I will have to rebel in other ways.... details to come(:

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