Monday, March 7, 2011


Been dealing with lots of ugly around here. Our newest enemy is the green eyed monster. Gabe is so insanely jealous of his brother that Daniel can't even be in the same room without being verbally berated. Gabe hates everything about him all the way down to the way he breathes and the look on his face. I can therapeutic parent the crap out of alot of situations, but this one is kicking my butt. I am very protective of my sweet little D Hud. He is a precious little soul, but I see him changing under the weight of this abuse. And that makes me fighting, stinking, I might just have to go off on somebody MAD. How in the world do I show love and kindness to one child while they emotionally destroy another? For one thing I have decided to keep Daniel home for school next year. I will use those Gabe free hours to pour some love and encouragement into him. I will get to enjoy him and have fun without Gabe watching every little thing I do for him, keeping a score card of all that proof that I love Daniel more. It has gotten to the point where if they are both in the room I can't talk to either of them. I don't talk to Gabe because he is fuming and making mean faces at Daniel or berating him in some way. And I can't talk to Daniel because Gabe will use that as evidence of my "preferential treatment". For that reason I cherish my bedtime ritual with Daniel and Alena. I read to Daniel from The Jesus Storybook Bible (AWESOME BOOK , HIGHLY RECOMMEND) and then we talk about it and pray and snuggle. It is awesome and Gabe can't ruin it if he isn't there! I am sort of stuck on this one. I'll let you know if I get any revelation from God about how to handle this!

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