Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why Me?

Not the "oh woe is me" why me. The "holy cow I've got it good" why me. Why do I get this life. I think about this alot. Where I was born, who raised me, who I married, my kids, my house, my life - all really really over the top awesome. Don't get me wrong - we have issues. But when I step back and look at my life I just want to jump up and down giddy over the fact that God gave all of this to me. I have never gone a day without eating. I have a roof and an AWESOMELY comfy bed. Oh I love my bed. It could actually be a little sinful how I look forward to climbing in and sinking down into the squishy goodness...but I digress. My kids are all going to school, I can take them to the doctor whenever I want, I have a church family that I adore, and I'm pretty sure they love me right back(: I have all I could ever want and more. WHY? Well, the other day I remembered this time when I had ONE package of sidewalk chalk for the boys. I knew if I said it was for both of them that G would somehow manipulate D into surrendering it all to him and then he would hoard it. I'm not saying that to be mean - it's part of his illness. It is what it is. And for that reason I certainly couldn't say it was G's. So, I said it was for Daniel. Why? Because I knew he would gladly share it with his brother. And he did. Hmmmm.....

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