Thursday, December 11, 2008

Urgent Need

This was in my in box this morning. I personally can vouch for this organization and the people invovled. Please pray about helping these babies get the care they need. Thanks.

Dear friends,

You know I hate sending out mass emails, I really try to only do this in urgent situations. Well, this is one of those of urgent situations.

We have two babies in Haiti that are in desperate need of help. Both babies have Spina Bifida. Fedna, the older of the two is actually pretty stable. The baby, Berlange, is in critical need of surgery and is fighting for his life. We have a doctor and hospital here in the U.S. ready to provide medical care for both of these babies, but the medical clinic that is processing their paperwork is very low on funds. They need about $500 per child to process all the necessary paperwork in Haiti. That is $1,000 that they just don't have. PLEASE if you feel called to help, check out our blog and follow the link to donate. Any amount would be greatly appreciated.

Also, feel free to share this need on your websites, blogs, or with family and friends. We greatly appreciate all your help and prayers for this sweet babies.

Salem Richards

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