Saturday, November 17, 2007

Jesus Loves the Little Children

God has truly done a miracle in Berny's heart! Throughout his time here I have been showing him pictures of his parents and getting very little response from him. He would just nod at me as if I were explaining calculus. As the time got closer for him to leave I started praying for God to prepare his heart to go home. Recently I printed out some pics of his parents and really explained that he would be flying on the airplane to go home to them soon. The difference was night and day. You cannot fully appreciate it if you can't see it, but there is a light in his eyes when he talks about them now. He carries their picture and talks about going home to them all the time. He is joyful about it. I believe with all my heart that God blurred the memory of them while he needed to heal and now that it is time to go home God has put them back in his heart. I know this like I know the sky is blue. GOD did this! Thank you Lord for answered prayers and for the peace that has come over me knowing that Berny is happy!!

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Lindsay said...

Hi Heather... So glad you have the assurance that Berny is happy. It will make the separation less painful. Praying for you...