Tuesday, November 27, 2007

3 More Sleeps...

until my dear friend Rebecca and her family arrive. I don't think I have introduced Bec to all you blogging buddies. In the immortal words of Indigo Montoya; "Let me 'splain...no, is too much, let me sum up"

I first met Bec as I arrived at the Miami airport in March of 2005. We were to be roommates on our first trip to Haiti. She was going to meet her son, Jeff, who would later become Jeremiah, and I was in limbo. We had lost our first referral and I now had no idea WHO I was going to meet, but I knew God had a plan and I was leaning hard on him. As God began to reveal to me that D was our son Bec was my rock. Every night we prayed together after we layed in bed and looked over the pictures we had taken that day. The last day before we took Jer and D back to the O we prayed over them together. There is no greater bond than shared heartache combined with shared faith in the Lord. From that trip Bec has been permanently placed in my heart as one of those timeless and dear friends that can only be described as a gift from the Lord. We saw each other again in August of that year as she and Bryan were picking Jeremiah up to take him home and I was visiting with D. Since then we have only had phone and e-mail so the fact that I will soon SEE her and get to meet the rest of her kids and see how big Jer has gotten, well....it's just plain awesome and I can't wait!

Old roomies, soon to be reunited(:


Lindsay said...

Wow... exciting times ahead.

e-Mom said...

Precious friends, wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing your treasured friendship with us.

Hugs, e-Mom

Troy & Tara Livesay said...

very very cool heather ---- amie and karla and kris --- three of my favorite people, met them much the same way ... another adoption perk!
thanks for your enciurahement hahah I just looked up and saw how I typed encouragement --- i am nursing and typing -- oops. thanks for the enciurahement AND the encouragement. :)