Monday, July 2, 2007

Berny update and Tagged by Corey

OK, first off I wanted to let you all know that Berny is doing well. He is moving his legs - ever so slightly, but still - just a week ago they were nothing but jelly! He is getting more comfortable with us and so we see lots more smiles and silliness and... lots more tantrums - he is two after all(: He is a fiesty little thing who is willing to pick a fight with D over a toy even though he is basically completely incapacitated!
So, next item on the agenda: Corey (see list of blogs to the right) has tagged me. Here goes...
Five things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. Telling people, as I parented ONE very easy going child, that this parenting thing was really a breeze. OK God, you made your point. I'm officially humbled.
2. Driving a vehicle without the word "van" in its description.
3. Living in Sacramento, CA and loving getting to see the west coast, but missing my green Virginia mountains.
4. Teaching a fourth grade Sunday school class - BIG mistake...BIG!
5. Discovering the call for adoption on our lives.
Five snacks I enjoy:
1. Ben and Jerry's Chubby Hubby ice cream.
2. Popcorn - the really buttery, bad for you kind.
3. Celery sticks with peanut butter in them.
4. Funnel cake, with chocolate sauce and powdered sugar - NOT fruit - duh!
5. Coffee - pretty much any kind, with lots of cream and sugar.
Five songs I know the lyrics to:
1. My True Companion by Marc Cohn (Jay and my's song since forever)
2 Little Bit of Life by Craig Morgan (our family theme song)
3. The entire Veggie Tales Greatest Hits CD, including the Japanese version of "Where is my Hairbrush" Domo, Domo(:
4. Amazing Grace
5. Southland in the Springtime by the Indigo Girls
Five things I would do if I was a millionaire:
1. Pay off all my debt, including house!
2. Adopt a couple more kids.
3. Tell my Mom to quit work.
4. Support a whole buncha more missionaries.
5. Give my sister the wedding of her dreams.
Five bad habits:
1. Making drastic decisions when I am bored - moving, cutting off all my hair, getting a dog etc. Although, if it turns out well do you call it a "bad" habit?
2. Licking/nibbling on my lips.
3. Picking at the hang nails around my thumbs.
4. Starting too many projects at one time.
5. Talking before I think.
Five things I like to do:
1. Read
2. Ride horses
3. Watch my kids play
4. Plant a garden
5. Check out my friend's blogs
Five things I would never wear again:
1. Leggings
2. Leg warmers
3. Tight rolled jeans
4. A side pony
5. Mini skirt
Five favorite toys:
1. The great outdoors! You know trees, hills, creeks - what WE played with when we were kids.
2. Almost anything by V tech - those people rock!
3. A soccer ball.
4. A bike.
5. My daughters WII (: Loads of fun for the whole family!
Five least favorite toys:
1. Guns, swords, and pretty much any weapon. I have resigned myself to the fact that boys must have these and if not given them will create them out of legos.
2. X Box - this is from the Devil.
3. Remote control cars. When the batteries aren't dead they are just plain annoying, under foot and frustrating. When the batteries are dead everyone can't remember how annoying they are and can't believe the batteries lasted such a short time...again with the frustrating.
4. Happy meal toys. I have no words.
5. Bratz - or prostitots as we call them.
Five people I'd like to tag:
I really don't think that five people who blog actually read my blog, but if you want to join in you can do so in the comments or let us know where your blog is. Perhaps I can meet some new people(:


Leslie said...

It is so great to see that Berny is doing so well!! Praying that the doctors will be amazed at his rapid progress and for his family and all who love him.

Brandi said...

Hey, I read your blog!

Love your answers, you crack me up! So glad to see that Berny's doing well. We'll keep praying.


Troy & Tara Livesay said...

Just checking in on you guys. I also move furniture around and paint walls to keep myself from boredom. Troy mocks me for the furniture thing ... I don't care though -- it is like free therapy.

:) Hugs to you all.

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious! Prostitots...that's a good one! I just want to say that I love you so much, and if you happen to become a millionaire before May 2008 I will hold you to that wedding comment! haha

You're the best sis ever and I love you!