Friday, October 30, 2009

Hodge Podge

I closed my facebook account. It started to feel a little weird. All those people interconnected artificially, peering into each others lives, vying for "most friend requested" status. This from an addicted blogger. Yes, I see the irony. My point is, if you want to reach me you will have to just old school shoot me an email or something.

We are now almost seven months into our first domestic foster care placement. I have millions of thoughts. Most of them will just need to stay in my head - atleast until more time has passed. Some of them I will share on the other blog - which I will probably not get time to do until 'more time has passed' anyway!

There was alot of debate/discussion/flaming/encouraging etc. etc. after Corey posted about her son's adoption. I also have a million thoughts about that. First, I am seriously ticked that anyone, after only reading a few paragraphs can make a judgement about what she is doing. If you actually are naive enough to think that nothing could be bad enough to end an adoption then enjoy your happy little land of ignorance and be blissful, but don't judge the one who is in the real world walking through the fire. And please continue to pray with all of us that this precious, broken, angry, hurting, sad little boy will be able to heal and love with the family God has prepared for him.

Tonight I am hitting a concert with my gorgeous guy and a bunch of friends from church. Now, I am off to shop for a cute date night outfit. Wish me luck!


Corey said...


You are a good egg. I love you.


Jennifer said...

I thought you disappeared on facebook. I agree, it's a little wierd - I guess that's why my friends list is onl y at 30...I only let the ones I love in. Anyway, I'd keep in touch the old fashioned way but I don't have your's

Keep in touch...

In Him,

Jennifer "Jenni" Evoy

Lindsay said...

Hey Heather... Glad you clarified the Facebook leave. Really miss you and try to call from time to time but rarely a person... just a machine...

T & T Livesay said...

I left facebook Saturday ... not sure if it is temporary or permanent ... but I have painted two rooms since then so I must have extra time on my hands ... glad it is not going to FB right now. :)