Monday, May 18, 2009

My sweet Sydney joined a goup called Girls On The Run after school this spring. They teach about healthy body image, peer relations etc and simultaneously train for a 5k run. I decided I would run it with her. We had so much fun and met our goal of not walking at all(: Corey - if you are reading this stop laughing at me - it was a big deal! ;- Before...And after... We did it girly. I love you!

I got to attend a Mother's Tea with Daniel at his school last week. It was possibly the most precious thing ever. First of all, look how gorgeous he is! When I got to the school he came out and gave me his arm to escort me in, then he served me my treats. He stood at perfect attention beside my chair and said, "Mom, you wan sunsing on yo plate?" I almost lost it right then and there. What a treasure of a child he is!!


Corey said...

Dude! I am NOT laughing! I am totally celebrating your accomplishment!! That is not easy!

I am also celebrating to hear that they have Girls on the Run there, as I have been wanting to get my middle girls involved.

Jess is counting down to meet Sydney btw.

Love you mucho!

T & T Livesay said...

HURRAY for new runners ... it builds much confidence and I think this is awesome!