Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Recap in Pictures

Samuel is seriously precious! He is such a sweet and easy going baby. Easter...




We did two services at church, then off to friends for a cookout and egg hunt, then over to my Mom's for dinner and another birthday party for Madeline.

How adorable and goofy is my crew(:

Daniel's impersonation of Santa.

Madeline's party Friday night with friends.

My baby girl is 12. I have one more year to be officially teenager free. She is such a sweet, loving, and mature kid. I am so blessed by her - she loves her family, she loves the Lord. Thank you Lord for letting me be Mom to this treasuer of a girl!

Daniel lost another tooth - his third. He is FOUR! The photo above is of him holding the tooth fairy money AND the tooth. Apparently he went and found the tooth on my dresser the next morning, and then said, "Mom is you is the tooth fairy?"

Little stinker.

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Corey said...

I cannot wait to get to VA. I am planning to EAT DANIEL UP! I think Jessica and Maddy are going to be great friends. We close on the house June 9!!