Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Last night as Noah, Emily, Jason and I got together to discuss Shane Claiborne's "Irresistible Revolution" the word "purposeful" kept coming up. Shane is purposeful in his mission to be like Jesus. He and his friends may look like hippies that float on the wind of anything that comes, but they are not. They know whom they serve and everything they do is to reflect Him to the world. It all has meaning. It got me thinking about my kids. They are being raised in a culture in which we must be purposeful about our lives. Our culture does not, by design, cultivate community. We are independent, look out for number one, autonomous...we're Americans. I see families like the Livesays who are raising a whole batch of kids in Haiti, and I think how blessed they are. Their 12 year old, Paige, is already full of vision and compassion to start her own ministry. I'm sure, if she were still being raised in the states she would be just as kind and compassionate. Yet, her experiences on the mission field have deepened it probably. And the need is right in front of her. My 11 year old is one of the most kind hearted kids you could meet. But her days are taken up by drama club, guitar lessons, youth group cook outs, and horseback riding. She is a delightful child, and she loves the Lord very much. I have no doubt that she would want to serve if she saw a need. I guess that's what I'm getting at. I need to purposefully show my kids the needs around us. They need to see homeless people, hungry people, lonely people. My seven year old lives for the next trip to Toy's R Us. He starts writing his Christmas wish list on December 26th. He loves stuff. Of course if I am honest, so do I. But I try to fight it. What is it that Kendall Payne song says? "Children are only uncostumed humanity." So, how do I do this? How do I raise kids in this culture who have a heart to serve and sacrifice for the gospel? No, these are not rhetorical questions! Please anyone with ideas, chime in on the comments. I'll try to do my own brainstorming and get back to you(:

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ange said...

We have a lot of homeless folks around so some options for us are to take those little shampoo and soaps from the hotels we stay at (and collect them from fammily and friends) and to put them in bags along with some water bottles and distribute them when we see the homeless people. Some days we just pass them by and pray for them, they can use that more than anything. Also, find someone in your church, a young mom whose husband is serving in the military, someone going to college, someone who is going thru a tough time and make a meal for them once a week. We are constantly collecting for Haiti and have bins set aside for those things. You could also have them scrounge for change and collect it to give to some charity. I know these are no brainers, but when you talk to your kids about it, tell them that the Lord is leading you to help those folks by first praying for them and then acting on their needs.
I look forward to hearing more suggestions! Thanks for opening this up. Purposeful, that is what we all need to be ;)