Tuesday, May 6, 2008


We're off to a better start today. Last night, after a bumpy afternoon G came to me and started to hug and cuddle. This is usually his cue for saying he's sorry. He rarely has the nerve to speak it, but I know what he means. Then at bed time he asked me to stay with him until he fell asleep. So I climbed in and he snuggled with me and held my hand. I know in my head that he is so afraid that we will send him away if he is bad, which ironically makes him very difficult to live with. I know he loves us and yet it is so hard for me to not take his verbal abuse personally. Every day we are taking tiny baby steps toward healing his heart, and mine for that matter. So much of this journey with G is about God teaching ME about MYSELF.

Madi ran the mile at school yesterday and came home beaming that she had beat her previous time by 7 seconds. She was so proud and had to keep recounting the minute by minute drama of who was ahead of whom and when. It was very cute. Sydney runs hers today. I hope she does well.

If you've listened to the song on the blog you may have heard the line, "You walk in a room...and something there leaves you breathless." Well, today when I walked in the living room the only thing that left me breathless was the smell of poo. Yep, apparently Chance had an upset tummy in the night and couldn't possibly wait til dawn. I couldn't be too mad at him - he is very well housebroken and has been known to "hold it" for ridiculous amounts of time, so I know he really coudn't help it. Nevertheless he has been banished to the screen porch until we can be sure the yuckies have passed. So now I will continue to attack the carpet with soap, vinegar and lysol because I swear I can STILL smell something. Aren't you guys so glad I shared?

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