Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Prayer Journal - Entry #1

I felt convicted today as I was reading about prayer to put some of my prayers here in writing. Of course some things are just for God's ears, but there are many things that I could share here and doing so would be yet another avenue for God to be glorified. I have always said I should start a prayer journal, so now I will do so here.

I pray that God will protect the girls as they go to school each day, and that they will be strong enough to shine God's light.

I pray that Berny is able to WALK off the plane when we take him back to Haiti in December.

I pray that God will specifically guide us about when we should return to Haiti and that He will create the team that He wants to be there.

I thank God that the school transition has been all we hoped for.

I thank God that Berny is alive, that he is with us, and that he gets stronger every day.

I thank God that G is doing well with homeschooling this year.

In the name of my precious saviour Jesus, AMEN

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Lindsay said...

Hi Heather... Good idea re: posting prayers. Lets others know how we can join you in prayer too.

Love all the pictures... Sounds like the kids are getting off to a good start. If I understand correctly, Gabe is the only one being homeschooled this year.